Custom Software Development

Noetyx Technologies

Leveraging our team’s experience and knowledge in creating off the shelf and custom software solutions, Noetyx offers solution development services covering a wide array of leading edge technologies and methodologies.

The Noetyx software team helps to identify, develop and support solutions for partners across every vertical. Our methodology, process experience and business insight allows us to provide our partners with the right solution for the problem. Each solution is developed with a framework that is designed to evolve as needed.

The Noetyx software team is focused on providing “Outsourced Product Development” services across industries. Our core competencies include web and desktop development, database architecture, technology assessment, recommendation, support and implementation, as well as strong project management. The Noetyx philosophy is to develop strategic partnerships with firms who have a desire to digitally “interact” with customers providing a software solution or data service. We look to provide the technical experience in development and bring our partners’ visions, or existing solutions, to market in a way that minimizes cost and time while not compromising scalability. As a true partner, we prefer engagements to carry beyond the product development stage in an ongoing supporting role for the end customers and even in a supporting capacity for business development efforts.

The Noetyx approach is to first listen and understand the business problem; we interview the core team, gather the solution requirements and make recommendations. Once a solution is recommended, we employ an iterative development process. The process benefits our partners by enabling Noetyx to deliver fully functional solutions, while continuing to work with the team allowing the solution to evolve and efficiently lock into a solution providing the maximum return. Our experience in identifying core functionality and avoiding “scope” creep insures projects meet expectations in regards to functionality as well as budget. Our ability to develop scalable infrastructures enables solutions to grow and evolve throughout the development process and even beyond the final deliverable.

Our team of highly skilled development individuals including: Information Science experts, development engineers, interface architects, project managers, quality assurance, training, technical support and integration experts are the foundation to our success.

We are backed by over 100 combined years of solution development experience. Noetyx focuses on delivering the solution that is best for our partners’ business and achieves our partners’ goals.

Experienced in delivering and supporting web and desktop based solutions utilizing Windows (IIS, ASP.NET, MVC, C#, VB etc) or Linux (Apache, PHP etc.), the Noetyx team follows an Agile development process to maintain constant feedback with the client insuring we deliver what is expected. Our Development Leads, Quality Assurance and Implementation Specialists rely on industry standard collaboration tools, code repositories and techniques as a project foundation.

All members of our team have an integrated experience and knowledge in both Software Development and Information Sciences. Data management expertise ranges from enterprise management systems: Oracle, MS SQLServer, Pervasive SQL, mySQL, PostGRESql among others to personal and statistical implementation packages: SAS, SPSS, Access, and ESRI. Managing large scale repositories and developing iterative solutions requires a strong knowledge of data architecture and design, engineering, administration, and tuning within each environment.The Noetyx software service team is founded in the cognitive learning process defined as: the result of listening, watching, and experiencing going well beyond taking of instruction and imitation.

  • It defines comprehension and understanding.
  • It provides the foundation for creativity and development of solutions.
  • It is what brings individuals clarity and lucidity in vision both near and far.

In summary, Noetyx is a partner who continues to provide results from an information and software solution perspective by bringing tremendous experience, value and business understanding to our partners.