Software QA Services (SQA)

As a complement to our custom software development services, the Noetyx team provides expertise in (manual and automated) quality assurance testing for web, desktop, mobile and cross-platform solutions.  From the first step of reviewing project requirements, through all development phases, to final product; our testing experts strive to ensure continual and seamless collaboration with our development teams.  We keep our testing process as transparent as possible with clear and simple communication to clients and we provide comprehensive project management and support. 

Our detailed and well-organized QA testing documentation tracks every step of the testing process and provides our clients with a thorough picture of all detected bugs, which can help further product improvement and maintenance.  Our testing experts work hard to identify all system failures and provide clients with proven bug-free solutions.

The Noetyx QA team provides exceptional value at competitive prices without the challenges of offshore outsourcing.

Types of software testing:

  • Functionality – ensuring your solution works as intended on all devices.
  • Usability – ensuring your users' experience is positive and memorable.
  • Compatibility – ensuring the compatibility of your solution with various computing environments.
  • Configuration – ensuring all configuration options are set properly.
  • Regression – ensuring overall system integrity as additional updates are incorporated.
  • Integration – ensuring successful integration with other apps and platforms as needed. 
  • Performance – ensuring your solution can withstand high data loads, user spikes, and stress.
  • Security – ensuring your solution and your users' data is safe and secure.
  • Text copy – ensuring all text, images, etc. within your solution are error-free.
  • QA Analysis – review and analysis of all QA metrics to provide feedback for product improvement and maintenance. 


What we test:

  • Web applications
  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • APIs
  • Desktop applications
  • Cloud solutions
  • Online Surveys and Data Collection Forms