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Our data analytics and software development company helps businesses improve their efficiencies and results. Our team helps startups and small to medium-sized companies worldwide to unlock boundless opportunities. We offer a unique one-stop solution for your data analytics, software development, and automation needs. Want to get it right the first time? Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.

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All businesses have different needs. Therefore, we offer a broad range of software development services, business automation, and business data analytics to improve business results. Explore our essential services and start your digital transformation journey.



Looking for reliable custom software? We transform your idea into a unique custom software adapted to your needs and goals. Our service offers full-cycle software development services for various applications.


Do you need to ensure your software performs the way it should? Our team helps you ensure that your software is stable and securely delivers the expected performance.


Do you want to continue adding value with the software you already have? We can streamline your systems and maximize your capabilities and software functionality with custom API development.


Is your software compliant? Our software QA testing services will verify that each of your software application’s functions operates in conformance with the specifications and requirements.


Looking for solutions for your data? Architect and work with super large data sets on multiple platforms – cloud platforms or on premise.

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What are your strategic commercial options? Our proprietary commercial Pharma and Healthcare data and analytics are essential for helping business leaders make better decisions and solve complex problems by collecting, analyzing, and reporting the most helpful information.


Is collecting data and gaining insights a long and painful process? Our proprietary real-world data source stores 40 billion total claims from 9 sources, 380 million de-identified patients, 2.1 million healthcare providers, and 98% of payers.


Need a reliable visual of your sales territory? Our territory mapping dedicated to the Pharma and Healthcare markets will help you understand the data and collaborate with your sales team more effectively.



Looking to reduce inefficiencies within your processes? We help teams visualize the details of their process that guide decisions and performance. Identify the strengths and weaknesses in the existing process and the contribution of different steps in the process. We can help reduce the process’s cycle times and defects and enhance its productivity.


Need to boost your productivity while reducing tedious activities? Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that helps emulate human actions. Leave the highly repetitive and low-value adding activities to software robots and reallocate people to essential and valuable interactions.

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Who are our clients?

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies looking to launch innovations.

Are you looking to scale rapidly? We can help you achieve more even if your existing capabilities are limited.

Medium-size companies with local and global reach.

Are you looking to improve your bottom line or make better decisions? We can help you scale faster.

Startups looking to skyrocket their growth.

Do your investors pressure you? We can help you hit the ground and run faster.

IT companies looking for specific capabilities.

Do you need a reliable partner? We offer a robust experience of projects for data analytics and software development.

Software product companies looking to bring new products to the market and win customers fast.

We can help you achieve your project objectives from concept to deployment.

About Our Software Development Company

Noetyx is a custom software development company with many years of experience helping companies achieve digital transformation with process-centric and adaptable solutions.

We have helped our clients develop and deploy custom solutions and products that fit the most specific business needs.

Our rich industry track record covers:

Your Agile Software Development Partner

We deliver value to our clients faster and with fewer headaches. Our iterative approach to project management and software development is people and result-focused. It respects rapidly changing circumstances and centers around adaptive planning and short delivery times.

Flexible and fast, we use scrum and extreme programming frameworks to maximize productivity and value delivery to our clients.

Based on our extensive experience, our agile software development company excels in creative design, complex feature development, and advanced technology integration – Partner with our team to solve your digital challenges.

Noetyx Development Technologies

Pharma & Healthcare Data & Analytics Services

Most companies find it challenging to navigate the vast array of market data and understand its impact on an individual brand. The Noetyx Advanced Analytics & Research team has the experience and skill to help you develop better drug development strategies and increase your return on investment by analyzing the past and modeling the future. 

We identify growth opportunities and build competitive strategies based on a deep understanding of the overall marketplace by exploring important trends, patterns, and predictors. Noetyx Advanced Analytics & Research team has over 90 years combined experience conducting primary and secondary market research heavily focused on the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries. 

Forecasting, Launch Tracking, Salesforce Effectiveness Assessments, Segmentation and Profiling studies, and much more.  We leverage our experience in all facets of market research to deliver comprehensive results that paint a clear picture of market demand and opportunity and provide insightful and strategic next steps.

We apply the latest tools and analytics processes, and techniques to help you generate valuable insights that yield better and faster decisions and results.

Data Analytics and Software Development Company’s FAQ

We are a data analytics and software development company. So, we can help you in different ways with all your software development, automation, and data analytics needs.


Our team is composed of subject matter experts with decades of projects experience. We have worked with startups, small and medium-sized companies, and larger multi-national businesses.

Our software development company can help you in different ways for all your software development, automation, and data lake management needs.


We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals, identify your target users, and main software features.


Once we have completed this first step, our team will:


  • Prepare thorough cost analysis
  • Create industry benchmarks
  • Define budgets, scheduling, and risk management
  • Define the project scope of work and workstreams.
  • Define roadmaps
  • Develop your project mining
  • Create user personas, mock-ups, user stories, time frame
  • Prepare the project estimates.
  • Outline the specifications
  • Prepare wireframes, integration plan, API documentation, and required features list.

We prepare server-side architecture, front end, back end, UX design, and create back-office consoles in the software development project within our scope of work.

We specialize in helping companies create customized software solutions to meet a specific need that “off-the-shelf” commercial software doesn’t generally handle. Our typical process flow:


  • Discovery, specification, and prototyping
  • User Interface design and experience
  • Database design and implementation
  • Iterative development cycle with deliverables
  • Testing and tuning
  • Deployment
  • On-going product enhancement and feedback
  • On-going support


If you need to learn more about our process, request an initial consultation.

We ensure that projects and business operations run smoothly. Our data analytics and custom software company provides expert advice and services with an entire front-end and back-end focus.

  • Full Customer Support
  • Rapid Response and Quick Resolution
  • 100% Ethical and Transparent. Read our reviews.
  • Subject Matter Industry-Centric Expertise
To deliver an unmatched value to our clients, we apply a systematic approach to all our projects following the Agile methodology, Scrum, Kanban, and Continuous Improvement.
  • Define & Plan
  • Measure & Analyze
  • Design
  • Test, Verify & Optimize
  • Train
  • Go Live
  • Monitor & Support

We are experts in analyzing and applying pharmaceutical data across all therapies and markets. Once we have completed a custom situation analysis, we can:

  • Revise your targeting strategy
  • Customize your representative allocation and alignments
  • Validate forecast and resourcing requirements

Determine the return on investment to achieve a financial goal

We leverage our experience in all facets of Pharma and Healthcare market research to provide comprehensive results ultimately meeting the business need. Some examples include:

  • Launch Tracking
  • Demand/Forecast Studies
  • Salesforce Effectiveness Studies – Recall and Impact
  • Segmentation and Profiling Studies
  • Awareness, Trial and Utilization Studies (ATU)
  • Influence Mapping/KOL Identification
  • Image Assessment Studies

Conjoint (attribute) Studies

Our client was launching a brand new drug into an existing therapeutic category. Using multiple, diverse data sources, our team developed a commercial analysis strategy to highlight the optimal targets for promotion, the level of promotion each target should receive, and the expected return on investment and sales to be generated from the plan execution.

Our data analytics and software development company needs to know what you want to accomplish, what is essential for you, and what success looks like for your organization. Having a clear vision in mind helps during the first conversation.


If you have no experience with software developers or analytics experts, we will guide you through our process and build your project.

Every project is different, and timelines vary with the complexity of the project scope and the experience of the software company you want to hire.


As we clarify your vision, dig into your processes, and establish project scope and budget, we will estimate how long it will take to complete the project.

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