Case Study: Software Development – Compliance Reporting System

Software Development services for a leading provider of regulatory compliance services and technologies to the pharmaceutical industry.


Team Size

5 months




Business Need → Solution

Our client was left in the lurch by their previous software developer. Their application essentially was non-functioning, yet they had significant needs for system improvements and changes. The challenge was to quickly gain an understanding of the existing system infrastructure, so that urgent modifications could be made to keep all reporting in line with strict compliance specifications.

We put together a high-level “Strike Force” to quickly:

– complete a full system review to understand system functionality and data warehouse structures
– meet with the core client team to document current unmet needs and required system changes, as well as calm the nerves of the customer team worried about their continued ability to stay in business
– implement necessary modifications with quick turnaround times, keeping in constant communication with the client to stay on top of shifting goals, while exceeding timing and functionality expectations

The client was able to seamlessly meet their customers’ needs without any noticeable stoppage in services, and is still currently taking full advantage of our leading-edge software development services to make continual enhancements and improvements to their reporting system.

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