Case Study: Membership/Point of Sale System

Customizable membership management and touch-screen ready point of sale system for an outdoor recreation facility to seamlessly manage new and existing membership records, yearly site applications and on-site purchases.


Team Size

6 months




Business Need → Solution

Our client had a Membership Management and Point of Sale system that was non-functioning, outdated and difficult to maintain, costing both time and money. Their goal was to implement a new streamlined, touch-screen ready interface to replace their legacy app, speed up transactions, keep their records organized and easy to maintain, and allow for on-the-fly, user-based updates to system lists and price points. We needed to determine the best way to migrate all of their existing data into a new structure, and design a new app that would accommodate their daily transaction workflow and improve their business processes.

Using our team’s combined years of process experience and business insight, we:

– successfully migrated all existing data into a new MySQL database structure, tackling some data cleanup issues along the way
– implemented an admin management interface so the client can maintain system and parameter updates themselves
– designed a more modern and significantly improved system overall

The client can now easily navigate and maintain member records, and all point of sale transactions are quickly completed using the clean, user-friendly, touch-screen interface.

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