Case Study: New Sales Force Development

Market data/business analysis and sales force territory development for a leading provider of global commercial services to the life sciences industry.


Team Size

2 months




Business Need → Solution

The client was in need of a detailed analysis of industry data to better identify the most valuable targets in their market to include as part of their promotion activities. Along with data analysis that included segmentation, trending and forecasting, the client wanted recommendations on sales force sizing that would provide the greatest return opportunities.

Using our team’s combined years of advanced analytics and research experience, we:

– blah, blah, blah – something we did with gathering, massaging, analyzing data??
– more blah, blah?
– used the results of the data analysis to pinpoint targets with the greatest return opportunity and finalize the alignment and targeting efforts

The analysis and trending gave the client the insight they needed to create the optimum sales force sizing structure to maximize the return on investment per sales rep….blah, blah, blah……????

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