Case Study: Wholesale Inventory and Sales Process and Data Migration

Modernized and refined business process for a manufacturer/wholesale distributor of restoration and maintenance hardware and fasteners for classic cars.


Team Size

5 months




Business Need → Solution

The client had a failing inventory/order management system that was becoming more and more unstable and no technical support. The challenge was to determine the best path for system replacement as quickly as possible, while maintaining current process flow integrity, suggesting improvements where needed, migrating all necessary data elements from multiple data stores, and ultimately providing a final product plan with a low to moderate learning curve and out-of-the-box usability.

Using our team’s combined years of process experience and business insight, we:

– assessed the existing business process and equipment
– researched available wholesale/inventory management options and presented recommendations
– implemented the selected system, setting up all needed infrastructure and equipment, including a top of the line, easy-to-use labeling system
– successfully migrated existing data after developing and employing a multi-phase import method to keep all data intact
– walked through full process flow to discover pain points and recommended improvements/efficiencies as needed

The client is now up and running with a new streamlined process and reliable inventory and sales management system, with regular system backups and continued support.

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