Advanced Analytics & Research

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Targeting, Promotion Response, ROI Analytics & Resource Optimization

  • Providing recommendations and information founded on statistical models for a multitude of marketing and sales personal and non-personal promotional activities

  • Over 90 years combined management experience performing primary and secondary market research to collect qualitative and quantitative information

Integrated Forecasting Service
Forecasting remains a challenge for many clients as they want a comprehensively developed independent assessment of market demand and brand opportunity. Assessment on promotion and returns is driven by a solid forecasting process. Using data enrollment and web-based data collection, the Noetyx approach incorporates dual research phases:

  1. Determine managed market position for product

  2. Assess future prescribing behavior factoring in managed care dynamics

Noetyx will uniquely capture feedback on how products and competitors will be prescribed given formulary placement and provide a forecast approach that reflects likely situations and choices to which physicians will be exposed.

Full-Service Custom Research and Analytics
Noetyx has significant experience in using advanced platforms to quickly and effectively capture physician feedback across a spectrum of applications. We use sound and methodological accurate questionnaire designs utilizing experienced staff to conduct research resulting in differentiated findings and business recommendations. We leverage widely available collection technologies and our team is recognized for the successful implementation of quantitative market research studies and innovative research approaches to enable timely and flexible execution of large scale quantitative research projects.

Business Applications
Noetyx leverages our experience in all facets of market research to provide comprehensive results ultimately meeting the business need. Some examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Launch tracking, Demand/forecast studies
    Conjoint (attribute) studies

  • Sales Force Effectiveness studies (Message recall)

  • Segmentation and Profiling studies

  • Awareness, Trial and Utilization studies (ATU)

  • Influence mapping/KOL Identification (partnered)

  • Image assessment studies & Secondary data audits

Message Tracking
Face-to-face promotion is still the most effective driver of share growth and Pharmaceutical companies are compelled to utilize independent sources to assess the nature and impact of interactions with physicians. This also doubles as a mechanism to insure representatives are following specific guidelines while looking for efficiencies in the process. Noetyx provides a timely turnaround on content and nature of interactions between a representative and a physician. We utilize the internet as a mode of capture for physician feedback. The studies are conducted based on key targets and called on physicians. Noetyx will provide onsite consultative debriefing on research findings.

Market Research
Noetyx produces empirically-based analysis results leveraged by the team’s historical experience in developing the right analytics approach combined with the research needed. Noetyx has a deep understanding of market issues affecting product usage, experience with recruitment and data collection via web and expertise in forecast model development. Relative to competitors, our service is improved in execution and more insightful and strategic. Clients look for experience in this area.

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