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Visualize Potential

Visual Sales Manager (VSM™) (Click Here for PDF) is the only completely web-based application for visually designing and managing sales territories. The solution has been developed based on our team’s significant experience in managing and creating territory structures for our broad client base. The system boasts over 35 man-years of leading edge development effort, is fully capable of supporting all major alignment and territory management requirements, and has unparalleled capabilities. Also, our app can be easily and seamlessly integrated into other Business Intelligence solutions and CRM platforms to visually display information as a web service.

With the built in Alignment Wizard, you can auto create an initial alignment based on imported data and a few entered parameters. This tool drastically reduces the time involved with creating a new alignment from scratch by providing reasonable territory starting points based on workload concentration or current rep locations.

Local market and geographic dynamics are frequently not well accounted for in decision-making. This lack of incorporating spatial information assets is often substituted with “gut” instinct, causing deviation from optimizing the resources used to drive sales and revenue at the local level. Incorporation of this spatial information into analysis, and enabling ongoing visualization provides a clearer picture for decision-making. VSM™ takes the results of high level analytics and translates them into a visual rendering of the data. The utility of this web-based solution, developed and continually enhanced by the Noetyx technical development team, allows data elements to be uploaded and easily represented visually at variable geographic levels. Historically, spatial representation has largely been static – but finally we have broken through that barrier to enhance the opportunities available to our clients. The Noetyx approach uniquely focuses on spatial interactivity to capitalize on a blend of technology expertise and analytical skills. VSM™ has been deployed across several diverse industries, including the financial and life science industries.

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