Visual Data Reporter (VDR)

Real-Time Insights

We produce completely customizable, flexible report systems to fit any business need or market. Some example reports:

  • Sales Force Performance and Statistics Reports
  • Promotion Activity Reporting
  • Rx Activity Reporting
  • Goal Reporting and Incentive Remuneration
  • Forecasting Reports
  • Integrated Report Database Development

Dashboard Reports

  • Transform your data into actionable insights with powerful dashboard reports
  • Customizable views put your most valued metrics at your fingertips
  • View your data at daily, weekly, monthly or yearly aggregations and at territory, district, region or national levels

Promotion and Rx Activity Reports

  • Powerful, high-level views of promotion and prescribing activity metrics
  • Data points presented clearly for easily digestible snapshots to enable quick and smart business decisions
  • Easy to spot trends and performance issue areas
  • Analyze profitability, goal progression, sales conversion rates and more

Incentive Compensation Reports

  • Easily assess existing compensation programs and metrics
  • With a few clicks, estimate and project new compensation plans to determine effectiveness
  • With timely reporting, help more salespeople better achieve their quotas

What If Forecast Reports

  • Cut forecasting cycle times with on-demand forecasting
  • Use forecasting reports to stay ahead in sales and workforce planning
  • Drive business performance with interactive visualizations that are easy to use and share

Detail View Reports

  • Allow for deeper analysis into the data behind the graphics
  • Simple interface allows for easy filtering, sorting, and searching
  • Constant access to the most recent data available from all periodic data refreshes
  • Create and extract meaningful data sets

Data Integration and Management
Data Management for reports is custom configured dependent upon where the source data resides in your organization. We can import directly from data files like Excel, CSV or connect directly to your database. Data updates can be automated and scheduled as per client need. Once new data is released, all reports and dashboards in the system are updated automatically.

Data Sources

  • Delimited Files (csv, txt, tab)
  • Excel Files (xls, xlw, xlsx, xlsm)
  • HTML Files (html, htm, php)
  • KML files
  • Fixed record length (fix, dat)
  • Qlikview (qvd)
  • Qlikview data exchange (qvx)
  • XML files (xml)


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