How a recreational center has increased its revenues by 33% with better membership management and point of sale.


The Penn Warner Club has been an integral part of the Bucks County, PA, community since the 1930s. Serving first as a hunting and fishing center, it has operated as a recreational boating, campground, and fishing retreat.


Over time, their Membership Management and Point of Sale system became unreliable and difficult to use with an outdated design and minimal support.


In 2018, The Penn Warner Club was having trouble keeping up with its day-to-day workload because of system errors, slow transaction speed, and difficulty maintaining membership records.


“Working with Noetyx, we found them to be Customer Focused, Available and Innovative. Before Noetyx, working with our old program was like dealing with a disaster and crisis every minute of the day. With the superior leadership of Noetyx, we now operate like a well-oiled machine. Their ability to resolve and understand our needs is supported by their knowledge to implement and write a complete program above and beyond our expectations.”


Ginger McAllister, Operations Manager


Fix the problems of constant system failures and crises, resulting in inaccurate membership records caused by poor system/database integrity that prevents them from meeting re-contracting deadlines.


  • Understand daily transaction workflow, business processes and compile a complete list of current pain points.


  • Assess existing systems to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what can be improved.

  • Design a completely new, intuitive, touch-screen point of sale/membership management app


  • Migrate all existing data records into a new system database structure.


  • Seamless purchase and contracting transactions on a daily basis.


  • Clear, accurate data storage and reporting for successful management of membership records.


  • Available and easily accessible ongoing support.


  • Assessing and understanding pain points is essential to designing a successful replacement system.

  • Confident leadership and clear communication transfer directly to the client’s confidence in the final product.

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