How a manufacturer of classic cars has streamlined its end-to-end operations to decrease their costs by 24%.


Since 1981, Pony Enterprises has served the Mustang community as a wholesale distributor of restoration and maintenance hardware and fasteners for classic cars.


Through the years, as their business increased, their very manual process flow for inventory and order management became cumbersome and prone to human error.


In 2020, Pony Enterprises was struggling with unsupported software and outdated equipment and processes.


“Our new system has been a great success! It has solved some problems we didn’t even realize we had as well as bringing us up to speed relative to our competitors! This has resulted in a giant leap forward for our small company and time and cost savings in many areas. Noetyx has been great to work with! Every question we had about the process was answered completely and quickly! The people at Noetyx are very competent, easy to work with, and very friendly. We are very pleased to finally have an IT firm we have complete confidence in and feel we can depend on!”


Charlie Bond, Owner


  • Replace a failing inventory/order management system as quickly as possible.


  • Migrate all necessary data elements from multiple data stores with no straightforward path to success.


  • Maintain current process flow integrity, suggesting improvements where needed.


  • Exploit existing equipment to minimize cost.


  • Assess existing business processes and equipment to discover pain points, recommend improvements/efficiencies, and re-engineer the business as needed.


  • Research available technology options and present alternatives and recommendations.


  • Implement selected system, setting up all needed infrastructure and equipment, including a top-of-the-line, easy-to-use labeling system.


  • Research/test available migration applications and devise a plan to successfully migrate all required data elements.


  • Reliable inventory and sales management system up and running with all required data and zero downtime – 10 weeks from initial recommendations to final implementation.


  • Updated labeling equipment and a streamlined process reduced packaging steps that could take a day, to minutes.


  • A new, centralized inventory repository created even more time savings, removing the constant need to maintain multiple lists in various locations.


  • Taking time to fully understand all details of the business process allows for more creative solution development.
  • Clear communication increases confidence in project progress on all sides, prevents scope creep, and keeps the final target clearly in focus.
  • Multi-pronged solutions that incorporate off-the-shelf products, custom-designed elements, and improved process flows provide the flexibility needed to successfully address all pain points.

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