VSM™ Your New Territory Mapping Software

Our territory mapping software will help you effectively build your sales territory planning strategy. Manage sales easily and flexibly, optimize your sales territory, and maximize your revenue with VSM™ by Noetyx. We offer a complimentary consultation to answer your questions.



Territory mapping

Make Sales Optimization Happen With Our Territory Mapping Software

VSM™ Territory Mapping Software is the only wholly web-based application for visually designing and managing sales territories.

The solution has been developed based on our team’s significant experience in managing and creating territory structures for our broad client base. The system can fully support all major alignment and territory management requirements and has unparalleled capabilities.


Our app can be easily and seamlessly integrated into other business intelligence solutions and CRM platforms to visually display information.

Our Territory Mapping Software Will Remove Complexity and Guesswork

VSM™ Territory Mapping Software –  Local market and geographic dynamics are frequently not well accounted for in decision-making. This lack of incorporating spatial information assets is often substituted with “gut” instinct, causing deviation from optimizing the resources used to drive sales and revenue at the local level.

Incorporating this spatial information into analysis and enabling ongoing visualization provides a clearer picture for decision-making. VSM™ Territory Mapping Software takes the results of high-level analytics and translates them into a visual rendering of the data. This web-based solution developed and continually enhanced by the Noetyx technical development team allows data elements to be uploaded and easily represented visually at variable geographic levels.

Simplify Your Territory Sales Management

VSM™ Territory Mapping Software’s value proposition allows data elements to be uploaded and easily represented visually at variable geographic levels.

Until now, spatial representation has primarily been static, but with Noetyx’s spatial interactivity approach, we have broken through that barrier to enhance our clients’ opportunities. VSM™Territory Mapping Software has been deployed across several industries.

VSM™ Territory Mapping Software FAQ

No. You do not need a specific CRM to use VSM™, and users of Salesforce.com and similar applications can also use VSM™ as well. We have deployed VSM™ in different companies operating in various verticals.

Our territory mapping software allows more meaningful customization, and the licensing fee is more affordable. Each account works with a designated Noetyx technician for support which exceeds what Salesforce or Badger can offer.

No. Depending on your needs, you can buy one license valid for one year or multiple licenses. For licensing questions, contact our team members via our CONTACT US page.

Managing data and analysis can become a full-time job if your business is growing and your resources are limited, and VSM™ helps automate many steps in that process. VSM™ offers unlimited flexibility in getting data on a map and can help you visualize your data more effectively than handling a spreadsheet or tweaking Salesforce or Badger.

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