Stuck With Legacy Software or Need Software Maintenance?

Is your unsupported legacy software causing you trouble? Is your software not scalable? If your day-to-day operations run on outdated and unsupported technology, we can help improve performance, efficiency, compliance, and security with modern business requirements.

If your legacy software does not cut it anymore with compatibility, integrability, and cost, book a consultation with our team.



Software Maintenance and Support

Our software maintenance and support services will help your software be safer, more stable, perform better, and prepare for further scalability.

  • Corrective: You need your software to perform without risking disruptions. We identify the problems and fix issues discovered.
  • Adaptive: Your business needs change, and your software should adjust accordingly. We keep your software up-to-date by tuning it according to the changing business requirements and processes.
  • Perfective: User experience and process improvements are essential. Therefore, we continuously improve software’s usability, performance, and reliability.
  • Preventive: Anticipate and avoid significant issues. We identify and correct latent problems in your software before they become a source of problems.

Comprehensive Software Maintenance and Support

Different businesses have different needs, and our team can assist you in various ways. Based on decades of experience in software support and maintenance, we offer complete solutions for companies looking for a reliable partner.

  • On-Demand Support – We cover the entire spectrum of software problems, from minor to more complex issues. We troubleshoot and fix the configuration, security, and performance-related issues.
  • Continuous Support – Compliance problems, security issues, infrastructure optimization, QA activities, and performance assessments, we help companies with recurring support to avoid potential system disruptions.

Why Trust Noetyx?

At Noetyx, our team comprises experienced software developers, QA and test engineers, DevOps specialists, and Application Support engineers with decades of experience helping companies prevent critical system errors.

Software Development

We fix issues addressing the code and database. We can customize new software components, integrate, migrate, and test.

Software QA & Tests

We complete intensive testing before deploying upgrades, updates, and other software changes.


We cover the most critical DevOps services by configuring and optimizing cloud services or enabling automation.

Application Support

We cover software health checks, fix performance problems and configuration issues, perform root cause analysis, and administrate databases.

Software Maintenance and Support FAQ

Legacy software is often considered “old software” used to perform a job or operation for a business. In other words, a legacy system is outdated computing software still in use.


Often, the legacy software system still meets the needs it was originally designed for but is no longer supported, exposing the company to security, compliance, and performance issues.

There are many problems with legacy software:


  • These legacy software systems can be hard to maintain, scale, or improve.


  • If legacy software is no longer supported and secure, vulnerabilities will appear over time.


  • It can be costly and complex to integrate into newer technologies or systems.


  • These systems may have gone through previous upgrades and been maintained by different programmers using different programming styles, and the supporting documentation may not be readily available.

Modernizing legacy software systems is something that many companies do to:

  • Boost their productivity
  • Improve performance and efficiencies
  • Enable new software features and functionalities
  • Improve safety and security

It is possible to modernize legacy software, but we recommend a thorough analysis because the cost of maintaining the system may eventually outweigh the cost of replacing the old hardware and software. The first step is to connect with our team for an initial evaluation. Contact Us.

We engage with our clients for legacy software to understand their objectives, process, and expected results. Based on conversations and audits, we approach legacy software in three different ways:


  • Replace the entire system completely using new technology. We rebuild from scratch with current standards.
  • Proceed to a gradual replacement where one block of the legacy system is replaced with newer technology – the rest continues to operate with the old technology. Through time, the remaining old components are entirely replaced by new technology.
  • Bridge the gap of functionalities and modernization by making small-scale, incremental changes to address specific problems of the legacy software.
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