About Us

We are Noetyx (nōˈetix), a healthcare analytics and software development company serving organizations who could benefit from our extensive IT experience, from startups to businesses with a global footprint. Headquartered in the US, we operate internationally, giving you access to world-class data and software solutions to improve your operations and scale your growth.


Our Story

Our founders, Lenny Viccardo and Paul Baniewicz, launched Noetyx in 2008 with a vision of providing comprehensive healthcare analytics and software development services rooted firmly in a high-touch service philosophy.

With a history spanning more than three decades, the Noetyx story began in 1987 when Lenny and Paul met while working at a pharma consulting company. With Lenny ascending the ladder to become president and Paul the VP of Technology, they changed how the industry received and managed pharma data in multiple aspects of the business. Their efforts were a huge success, helping to grow the pharma company from $2M with ten employees to $26M with a 250-person staff.

A decade later, the firm’s owners decided to sell the company to a key competitor. As a result, Lenny and Paul developed a business plan and strategy for a well-managed market research firm that would allow them to do what they thought was right rather than follow the status quo. They accepted an offer from an investor and hit the ground running.

Our Story

After 21 years of working together at various analytics and technology service companies across multiple industries, such as Snyder Communications, inVentiv Health, Health Products Research, and Scott-Levin Associates, Lenny and Paul decided to build a pharma information firm entirely their own.

As a result, Noetyx was born, and the duo recruited two key individuals, Rich Reinhiemer and Brian Baniewicz, to be part of the team. The business was initially self-funded until it took off as demand for software development rose with healthcare research and analytics.

Today, Lenny and Paul lead a core team they’ve worked with for decades as they continue to build on a dream of becoming an industry leader in service-first analytics and development solutions.

Our Difference

Our extensive research provides customers with information and services that aren’t readily available to the naked eye, looking further into data and challenges and producing insights that most competitors don’t have the diligence or ingenuity to conceive.

Our Business Style

We are relatable straight shooters who cut through industry buzz-speak to provide practical solutions to complex healthcare data and software development challenges. We diligently focus on absolute and total service by making communication central to our operations. By only expecting perfection of ourselves, we continually and reliably live up to our commitments.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

  • We’re accessible and responsive, always communicating and being there when you need us most.
  • We never pitch a solution before thoroughly understanding your business problem.
  • We provide all-inclusive pricing that allows us to do everything it takes to follow through on our promises – and if it costs more, we won’t move forward without your approval. No suprises from us, ever.

Source of Pride


Our Clients

We’re super proud of the fact that our clients love us. We’ve earned an incredible level of repeat business because we develop sound business relationships and produce profit-boosting results.


Our Team

In an industry that notoriously struggles with turnover and employee dissatisfaction, we’re proud to have earned a favorable reputation as employers, retaining much of the same core team for decades.


Our Results

Our deep understanding of the marketplace helps us identify growth opportunities and build competitive strategies. We’re proud that our results have generated billions of dollars for our clients.

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