Our intelligent, growth-driven healthcare analytics and software development solutions have helped our vast portfolio of clients generate billions of dollars, and after decades of experience, we’re still going strong. Discover our customized and service-first approaches to resolving data and operational challenges for pharmaceutical, healthcare data management, travel & leisure management, and inventory management & order fulfillment industries.




The pharmaceutical sector is evolving quickly with the evolution of online rep visits, digital media promotions, and other challenges to the status quo, leaving many organizations seeking new and effective ways to promote their products. We support pharmaceutical companies on a quest to find the optimal promotional mix in an ever-shifting environment, offering highly customized data-directed promotional insights to optimize your organization’s margin and profits. Never again wonder whether your investment is working – or what to do next if it is. Our non-cookie-cutter strategies, forecasts, research, customer targeting, customer segmentation, and other personalized solutions illuminate the ideal path forward, helping you make intelligent and more cost-effective business decisions to enhance return on investment (ROI).

  • Market research
  • Strategy development
  • Empirical forecasting & research
  • Promotion channel optimization
  • Sales representative execution strategies
  • Targeting & segmentation
  • ROI optimization

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Healthcare Data Management

Endless volumes of disparate and continually evolving healthcare data assets from internal and external sources cannot provide the intelligence data managers need for systematic and conclusive analysis. However, with our unique blend of healthcare data knowledge and in-depth technical expertise, we integrate and analyze disparate data sets to make them valuable and functional. Leveraging Google Cloud Databases, advanced database software development capabilities, and other specialized data tools, we expertly manage databases as large as 100+ billion records, putting you in the driver’s seat of your data.

  • Data cleansing
  • Data architecture
  • Database development
  • Report generation

Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions for the healthcare data management industry.

Travel & Leisure Management

We develop custom data management and tracking applications to help medium to large-scale golf clubs, country clubs, fitness clubs, campsites, and other travel and leisure facilities manage their operations smarter. Rather than trying to jam your data requirements into a generic solution, we fully customize applications to suit your specific needs. For instance, if you need to know how many trailers are on your campsite or which members rented golf clubs, we build those inputs into your custom application. Do you need more worms or ice in your retail store? Our custom app can show you. How about the number of people who’ve used the shower? That, too.

Our tailored, all-in-one solutions can track anything you need to know to run your facility smarter, including:

  • Memberships
  • Amenity or equipment usage
  • Retail sales
  • Billing
  • Collections

Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions for the travel & leisure management industry.

Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment

Managing inventory and orders with a generic, outdated, or nonfunctional platform can cripple your business operations with manual, repetitive tasks and other inefficiencies. Our custom software development capabilities extract and decipher your company’s data to help streamline every stage of your order processes, from inventory and picking to shipping and receiving, helping to promote accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With no downtime required, we offer strategies for a seamless transition to a more functional, useful, and practical system that can transform the way you do business.

  • Data extraction and deciphering
  • Custom software solutions
  • Seamless transition strategies

Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions for the inventory management & order fulfillment industry.

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