Custom Software

Our custom software capabilities identify, develop, and support fully functional, need-based solutions for business challenges too complex for off-the-shelf software. We also design and develop technologies to alleviate inefficiencies and frustrations with unsupported or outdated legacy software, helping to streamline your operations and optimize efficiency, productivity, and return on investment (ROI).



“Our new system has been a great success! It has solved some problems we didn’t even realize we had as well as bringing us up to speed relative to our competitors! This has resulted in a giant leap forward for our small company and time and cost savings in many areas.”

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Custom Technology Solutions That Make Smart Business Sense

Working with us gives you access to seasoned software developers and business experts skilled in identifying and solving unique and complex technology challenges across every vertical. We transform your bottlenecks and inefficiencies into realistic and achievable software solutions that allow you to work better and smarter.

      • Automate repetitive tasks
      • Elevate your customer’s experience
      • Promote cross-team collaboration
      • Establish a better mobile presence
      • Uncover valuable business data insights
      • Boost efficiency and productivity
      • Gain a competitive edge
      • Maximize your return

Our Custom Software Capabilities

We fix unsupported software legacy problems and design and deploy user experience and need-based custom software solutions in alignment with your goals, including:


      • Industry-specific software, such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, travel & leisure, and inventory management & order fulfillment
      • Enterprise resource management (ERP) software
      • Customer relationship management (CRM) software
      • Operations management software
      • Artificial intelligence software, such as chatbots and virtual assistants
      • Machine learning software
      • Native mobile and tablet applications
      • Portals and intranets
      • Syndicated technology products, such as our VSM system
      • Ongoing software support

Each Custom Software Solution Is:

Uniquely designed for your business needs – Our methodology, process experience, and business insight allow us to precisely deliver the right solution for your business needs.


Functional and cost-effective – Our experience identifying core functionality and avoiding scope creep ensures projects meet all your functionality expectations while staying on budget.


Flexible and scalable – Our ability to develop scalable infrastructures enables your custom software solution to grow and evolve as your business needs change.


Fully supported – Our responsive end-user support and technology adoption training services include a help desk, technical support, training documentation development, and in-person or online live training.

Our Approach


We approach custom software development strategically, listening first to learn your company’s unique business needs during a comprehensive discovery phase, including interviews with your core team. If you’re working with an existing system, we’ll also walk through your workflows to identify the challenges standing in the way of your success.



We deliver our recommended custom software solutions with a robust requirements document and wireframe to illustrate what your new system would look like and how it would function within your infrastructure.



Upon your review and approval of our recommended solution, requirements, and wireframe, our custom software development and project teams initiate a development process favoring collaboration and flexibility, allowing you to steer the direction at every stage.

Agile & Scrum Development Methodologies

We deploy agile and scrum software development methodologies because they offer modular and fully functional deliverables with the flexibility for modifications and in-line corrections during and after development. These collaborative approaches are perfect for user-centric applications and projects with multiple stakeholders, allowing for the following:


  • Greater adaptability
  • Shorter response time to changes
  • Daily communication and progress tracking
  • Feature prioritization
  • Greater satisfaction with the resulting solution

Our Development & Project Teams

Our development team is well-versed in all leading web, mobile, tablet, and PC development environments. Led by our executive management team that has worked together for 20 years, our development team boasts over 100 combined years of advanced application development and analytics experience.


Our highly skilled development team includes:

      • Development engineers
      • Interface architects
      • Project managers
      • Quality assurance specialists
      • Trainers
      • Technical support staff
      • Integration experts


USA-based senior executives and at least two consultants oversee every aspect of your custom software development project, giving you access to a domestic project team with exceptional competencies, including:


      • Proficiency in software development methods and techniques
      • Data processing and database management
      • Experience in communicating with various levels within an organization

Technologies We Work With

We offer custom software development services covering a wide array of leading-edge technologies and methodologies, including:

Noetyx Technologies

Partner with Us

If you’re ready to take your business operations to the next level, partner with us. We have the vision, drive, and experience to transform your business goals into custom software solutions to drive your company’s success. Schedule an initial consultation to get started.

Custom Software Development FAQ

Most software developers leave it on you to provide the specs to code and move on to the next thing. Not us. We’re problem-solvers first, software developers second. With Noetyx, you get custom-made software built for your unique needs and goals with your business reality and teams in mind.

All our lead software developers are based in the United States. We cover all aspects of custom software development and project management. Depending on our clients’ budget and organizational constraints, we have various overseas project delivery options to meet the highest quality standards while achieving budget expectations.

We use PMP and SCRUM methodologies to approach all our projects.

We are happy to help. If your software is no longer supported, we can work with you. We have helped many companies suffering from software legacy issues. Contact us for a free consultation.

We can help your company in many different ways with custom software development, software QA services (SQA), Advanced Analytics and Research, Sales Territory Management Software, Simple Maps Now, Simple Data Maps, Member/Asset Management and Point Of Sale (POS) Systems, and Visual Data Reporter (VDR)

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