Medical Transaction Database

We use billions of real-world data points to understand the relationships between the attributes of health variables, disease landscapes, and healthcare outcomes.

Finding the right information for your needs no longer takes weeks of overwhelming work and investment. We simplify the curation and integration of real-world data to accelerate innovation to commercialization.



On-Demand Real-World Data

Get access to hyper-relevant and exhaustive market information within minutes to build a complete picture of health events.

  • The claims-based data warehouse stores 40 billion total claims from 9 sources, 380 million de-identified patients, 2.1 million healthcare providers, and 98% of payers.
  • The reference data warehouse helps you understand where and how healthcare is performed.
  • Our team has spent significant time working through multiple data classifications – creating over 75 million concepts (ie, groupings) and 125k concept groups, 29 million concept relationships, 750 vocabularies, and 100 domains through a facile yet universal translation layer.

This flexible self-service data access lets you perform initial feasibility studies more effectively.

Real-World Data Benefits

Automate your data transformation to extract actionable insights from complex real-world data to get one consistent market view across prescribers, payers, and patients. The platform is always on and offers immediate access to up-to-date data.

  • Understand the disease landscape
  • Optimize clinical trials
  • Refine the context of market access
  • Identify the long-term safety patterns
  • Improve commercial analytics
  • Recognize critical events and relationships
  • Access dynamic insights and evidence

Accelerate Your Time to Insight

Most healthcare and life science data are complex and not readily available for research purposes. The cloud-based platform we use curates and integrates real-world data to transform disparate information into meaningful, value-driven data to navigate complexity easily, understand connections, and gain insights.

Real-World Data FAQ

The real-world data platform is destined for R&D, innovation teams, executives, marketers, and sales professionals who need to think like data scientists.


We propose an easy-to-use solution to non-technical users that does not require coding skills or advanced IT knowledge. Schedule a demo with our team and compare it with other similar solutions available on the market.

Traditional real-world data collection, curation, and integration is a long, time-consuming, and costly process. Most companies spend 85% of the project lifetime just trying to collect data and verify the coherence of what they have collected, which impacts the timeline of the projects and overall costs.


With automated real-world data, users can build complex and customized queries to generate evidence-rich analytics and insights within minutes, offering a consistent market view across prescribers, payers, and patients.

The platform combines different facets of information to build a complete picture of any given health event, offering real integration across all dimensions.


  • Risk adjustment factors
  • HCO & HCP search and scorecards
  • Network optimization
  • Activity report
  • Industry influence report
  • Investor report
  • Provider migration
  • Affiliation reports
  • Provider workload report
  • Locations report
  • Patient flows report
  • NRx -TRx report
  • Cohort Puller report
  • Death master file
  • SDOH Patient characteristics
  • SDOH Practice characteristics
  • RRD
  • Efficiency & effectiveness report
  • Overlap report
  • Market Basket
  • Provider groups
  • Provider groups transformation
  • Experience report
  • Ratios report
  • Provider streams
  • HCP clinical indicator base report
  • HCP clinical indicator by month report
  • HCP clinical indicator extended reach report
  • HCP clinical indicator ratio report


Each of these reporting tools can be set up once and updated on your frequency, enabling the users to quickly find variations and address these in a way that can optimize your bottom line.

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