Data Integration

We’re proficient in leading data integration methods for seamless knowledge transfer between systems to help manage your business processes more closely and improve your ability to make data-driven decisions. By combining disparate data sets from various sources and formats and transforming them into useful, clean data sets, we can help you reveal a complete picture of your business for more informed decision-making.

Expert data integration to power your business decisions

Our highly skilled data integration team has decades of experience and advanced technical knowledge to help you achieve the following:

      • Improved efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need for manual data entry and consolidation
      • Enhanced data accuracy and integrity by standardizing and cleansing data during the integration process
      • Greater insight and understanding of your business by combining data from different sources and departments
      • Better decision-making through real-time access to accurate and up-to-date data
      • More value from your data through faster connections between data stores, better team collaboration, enhanced efficiency, and greater return on investment (ROI)

Our Data Integration Capabilities

We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a customized solution that fits your business. Whether you have data stored in on-premises systems, cloud-based platforms, or a combination of both, we have the expertise to help.

      • Extraction and platform transfer, such as from on-premises systems to cloud-based platforms
      • Consolidation from multiple sources, such as CRM and ERP systems, into a single database
      • Cleansing and standardizing for accuracy and consistency
      • Transforming data from one format to another, such as converting CSV files into a database table
      • Creating real-time data pipelines to enable the continuous flow of data between different systems
      • Building data lakes and data warehouses to store and manage large volumes of data
      • Providing access to data through dashboards, reports, and other visualizations that make it easy to understand and analyze

Our data integration services are:

      • Advanced – We’re adept in ELT (extract –> load –> transform) and ETL (extract –> transform –> load) processes to integrate existing disparate data sets and seamlessly transfer data from legacy systems to new expertly designed systems.
      • Quality-assured – Our data integration process produces high-quality data that are reliable and usable, thanks to our thorough quality assurance protocol.
      • Fully supported – We support our data integration services through ongoing support from our responsive technical support team.

Our Development & Project Teams

Our data integration services include access to an in-house team of experts with cross-functional development and engineering experience, including:

      • Development engineers
      • Interface architects
      • Project managers
      • Quality assurance specialists
      • Trainers
      • Technical support staff
      • Integration experts

USA-based senior executives and at least two consultants oversee every aspect of your data integration project, giving you access to a domestic project team with exceptional competencies, including:

      • Proficiency in software development methods and techniques
      • Data processing and database management
      • Experience in communicating with various levels within an organization

Our Approach


Our data integration approach begins with listening to your company’s unique business needs. Then, we identify and assess the data sources that need to be integrated, including on-premises systems, cloud-based platforms, databases, flat files, or other data sources.



The data integration phase involves extracting your data from various sources and transferring it to a central location. After extraction, we transform the data into a standard format or structure that can be combined using data cleansing, data standardization, and other transforming processes. Next, we load the data into a data warehouse, data lake, or another central repository. Finally, we combine the data into a unified view using ETL or ELT software, integration platforms, or custom scripts. Once the data has been integrated, we can set up reports, dashboards, and other visualizations that provide insight into your business.



We offer ongoing technical support with access to a responsive team to ensure the data is integrated to provide greater insight and understanding of your business, helping you respond more quickly to market changes and stay ahead of the competition.


 Technologies We Work With

We use leading data integration methods such as Rest API, JSON, and XML to tie disparate data sets together.

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Partner with Us

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