Healthcare Analytics

Introducing a fresh take on healthcare analytics that trades confusing data jargon for crystal clear insights to help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies thrive. Our bright and savvy healthcare analysts devise pragmatic, income-generating solutions to address pressing sales and return on investment (ROI) challenges to help you stay ahead of the competition. In our signature straightforward style, we analyze, strategize, and advise to help you lead your company forward with confidence.



Our Healthcare Analytic Services

Commercial Strategy

We develop profit-based commercial strategies to ignite stagnant or negative ROI results and direct healthcare product and brand launches. Our integrated analytics capabilities, proprietary technologies, and access to rich, expansive data sets allow us to deliver in-depth and practical analyses and strategic advice to help your teams make faster and better investment decisions.

  • Access a deeper well of healthcare data
  • Receive a higher level of detail for a clearer, more accurate picture
  • Amplify the probability of success
  • Reduce stress and uncertainty

Visit the Commercial Strategy page to learn more.

Territory Mapping

VSM™ is our proprietary sales territory mapping application that analyzes vast data inputs to pinpoint the precise geographic territories most likely to generate the highest income for your company, automating territory assignments using reliable empirical data. VSM allows you to visualize your data more effectively than a spreadsheet, Salesforce, or Badger and has more meaningful customizations and affordable licensing fees

  • Use with any customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Streamline sales territory assignments with zip-code-based geography lines
  • Establish definitive sales targets using projected sales data by territory
    Incentivize sales teams with data-driven insights on quotas and bonuses
  • Pay lower licensing fees than Salesforce or Badger and get more manageability and customization options

Visit the Territory Mapping page to learn more.

Largest Medical Transaction Database Available

Noetyx offers a comprehensive collection of healthcare data from verified sources across the United States. Our application allows for a higher quality, faster, and more affordable  reports than our competitors.


Typical client data requests can take up to 12 weeks to return data, but Noetyx can produce those results in minutes.


With our automated real-world data services, you can build complex and customized queries to generate evidence-rich analytics and insights within minutes. Our easy-to-use cloud-based database curates and integrates billions of real-world data points to transform disparate information into meaningful, value-driven information, helping to accelerate and guide your innovation and commercialization.

  • Access exhaustive and up-to-date market data, trends, prescriber data, claims, and other hyper-relevant information without investing overwhelming resources
  • No coding or advanced IT skills are necessary
  • Build a complete picture of health events to make the best R&D, innovation, marketing, and business decisions possible

With a robust, “always on” menu of report offerings, you can get the reliable insights you need right when you need them.

Visit the Medical Transaction Database page to learn more or request a demo.

Why Choose Us

Extensive healthcare expertise

With more than 100 years of combined experience serving the pharmaceutical and life sciences markets, we’re uniquely qualified to provide the strategic healthcare analyses required to steer your company toward greater profitability and success.

Our ROI-based solutions

Our time-and cost-efficient solutions help maximize your investment and grow your bottom line. With our ROI-focused healthcare analytics team on your side, you’ll understand precisely what’s needed to move the needle.

Responsive white-glove service

We are a highly responsive, hands-on team that operates with exceptional care and attention. Expect an engaging experience with frequent communication and tailored advice – never preset answers. Instead, we craft custom data-driven solutions just for you.

When the results from your current healthcare analytics vendor don’t add up, let’s talk. We’ll put our combined 100+ years of expertise to work for you, helping you make the best decisions for your bottom line. We are a US-based company specializing in using technology as a vehicle to deliver straightforward analytic solutions and quality custom software to fulfill your healthcare business needs. Schedule an initial consultation to get started.

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