Client Success: Dregn


In our longstanding collaboration with Jason Sonon, founder of NetCuro, we’ve celebrated numerous successes, including the custom development of NetCuro’s software. So, when Jason initiated his new venture, Dregn, it was a natural choice for him once again to recruit Brian Baniewicz’s expertise and our dedicated team to bring his innovative vision to life. 

Dregn’s mission is boldly set on transforming the IT networking realm. By consolidating the capabilities of various network management tools, Dregn aims to give users unmatched visibility, control, and analysis through a groundbreaking 3D game-like interface. 

In recognition of our past successes, Jason formally designated Noetyx as Dregn’s strategic partner in early 2023. This was underscored by the public appointment of Brian Baniewicz as Senior Engineering Manager/Developer, a testament to our industry-wide reputation. With this move, Jason aimed to showcase the collaborative force behind Dregn, positioning it as a leading innovator in the field. Brian and our Noetyx team are honored to partner with Dregn and deeply value Jason’s trust in their expertise. Together, we’re merging cutting-edge technology with visionary ideas to realize Dregn’s ambition of a future where network management becomes seamless, intuitive, and efficient for all users. 


We’ve navigated multifaceted challenges in the first several months of our alliance with Dregn 


Domestic 3D Developer Recruitment

Jason’s previous offshore endeavors fell below expectations, leading to his preference for domestic talent. This posed a unique challenge to source a 3D game developer who could cater to the project’s requirements without requiring a full-time engagement. Entrusting us with the hiring process showcased Jason’s faith in our judgment and the caliber of our professional network.


Task Prioritization

Bringing numerous innovative ideas to the table, Jason grappled with software feature prioritization, especially for the 2024 Q1 SaaS releases. Brian’s responsibility is pivotal in steering Jason toward the highest impact solutions, ensuring a clear, unwavering focus, and adeptly managing project expectations.


Budgetary Considerations

Aiming for cost efficiency, each project decision must be meticulously evaluated to maximize Jason’s investment. This involves critically evaluating which tasks warrant immediate attention and investment and which could be earmarked for future phases. The overarching goal is to offer Jason a strategic, cost-effective roadmap that aligns with his vision without compromising the product’s performance and quality.


From the very beginning of our partnership, we’ve been deeply committed to translating Jason’s vision into tangible results. With his wealth of experience, Brian has been instrumental in ensuring smooth communication between Jason and Dregn’s development team. One of our key successes came when we leveraged our extensive professional network to identify and onboard a part-time domestic 3D developer who perfectly matched Jason’s requirements. 

However, our main contribution lies in back-end software development. We identified and endorsed the best-fit tools and platforms through meticulous research and evaluation, ensuring seamless integration with Dregn’s anticipated 3D interface. Our dedication to the agile development methodology means we’re constantly adapting and refining our approach. Regular sprint reviews and weekly Wednesday sessions allow us to swiftly address team feedback and align the project with Jason’s vision. This adaptive, collaborative approach underscores the powerful synergy between Noetyx and Dregn and highlights the importance of our integrated efforts. 


While our journey with Dregn is ongoing, it has already proven transformative. The sophisticated technical requirements have allowed our development team to showcase their expertise and versatility, and assisting Jason in refining feature priorities for timely delivery has been both challenging and rewarding. Thorough budgetary planning and forward-thinking have required our utmost attention to detail and collaborative efforts. 

Though Dregn is in its nascent stages, the path ahead is filled with promise. Upcoming phases are geared towards extensive development, meticulous feature enhancement, and thorough reliability evaluations. All these efforts aim to unveil a pioneering 3D network solution, poised to be a groundbreaking innovation in the industry. 


Our collaboration with Dregn highlights the profound impact of aligning with a visionary partner. Jason’s trust, underscored by the public recognition of our strategic partnership, is an honor and a testament to our shared commitment. This bond transcends product development—it embodies the spirit of innovation. As we continue to navigate this journey, the mutual respect and shared vision between Jason, Brian, and both organizational teams solidify our optimism for Dregn’s promising future.

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