We provide tailored healthcare analytics services that can optimize your pharmaceutical or life science organization’s margins and profits. With our non-cookie-cutter commercial strategies, forecasting, research, customer targeting, and segmentation solutions for product and brand launches and ongoing management, we can guide you toward the ideal path forward, helping you make intelligent and cost-effective decisions that enhance your return on investment (ROI).

Revolutionize product and brand promotions with intelligent healthcare analytics.

We offer a smarter path to profit with customized tools and techniques to help you navigate the complex pharmaceutical landscape and make data-driven decisions. With our support, you can be confident that you are making the right choices to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.

    • New & effective ways to promote your product or brand
    • Direct access to a responsive, hands-on team
    • Tools for intelligent and cost-effective decision-making
    • Tailored strategies to optimize your margins and profits
    • ROI-based roadmap for success 

Unleash data-informed profit-building solutions.

With us, you will no longer have to worry about the effectiveness of your product or brand launch promotion investments or what steps to take next. Our highly customized solutions provide the clarity and direction necessary to thrive in an ever-shifting environment.

Here’s how we support pharmaceutical product and brand launches to help improve your ROI:

        • Market research – Understand your target audience and their needs.
        • Strategy development – Get a customized plan to achieve your business goals.
        • Empirical forecasting & research – Gain valuable insights to inform decision-making.
        • Promotion channel optimization – Discover the most effective channels to reach customers.
        • Sales representative execution strategies – Uncover territories, targets, and incentives to maximize sales performance. 
        • Targeting & segmentation – Tailor your marketing efforts to specific groups.
        • ROI optimization – Allocate resources efficiently for maximum profit.

Our services for pharmaceutical and life science companies

We offer a fresh perspective on healthcare analytics that simplifies complex data into crystal clear insights, helping pharmaceutical and life sciences companies thrive. Our team of bright and savvy healthcare analysts devises practical, income maximizing solutions to address pressing sales and return on investment (ROI) challenges, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. With our straightforward signature style, we analyze, strategize, and advise to help you confidently lead your company forward. Our product and brand launch solutions help you understand your business performance, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Commercial Strategy

We specialize in developing profit-based commercial strategies that leverage data-driven insights and advanced analytics tools to optimize healthcare product and brand launches. Our integrated analytics capabilities, proprietary technologies, and access to expansive healthcare data sets enable us to provide practical and effective solutions that help your teams make faster and more informed investment decisions. Our flexible and customizable services are designed to meet each customer’s unique needs,

        • Access a deeper well of healthcare data and gain a clearer, more accurate picture of your market, which can reduce stress and uncertainty associated with decision-making.
        • Identify untapped market opportunities and streamline sales and marketing operations for higher ROI.
        • Enhance collaboration among team members with faster and better decision-making.  

Territory Mapping

Our proprietary sales territory mapping application, VSM™, leverages vast data inputs to identify the geographic territories most likely to generate the highest income for your company. By automating territory assignments using empirical data, VSM provides reliable insights to enhance sales operations. VSM’s user-friendly visualization capabilities enable you to view your data more effectively than traditional tools like spreadsheets, Salesforce or Badger. In addition, our application is highly customizable and available at affordable licensing fees, regardless of your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

        • Streamline sales territory assignments using zip-code-based geography lines 
        • Establish definitive sales targets based on projected sales data by territory.
        •  Incentivize your sales teams to reach their full potential with data-driven insights on quotas and bonuses
        • Enhance sales operations while keeping licensing fees lower than Salesforce or Badger

Medical Transaction Database

Welcome to real-world data services that accelerate and guide your product or brand launch commercialization. Our solutions provide easy access to exhaustive and up-to-date market data, trends, prescriber data, claims, and other relevant information, without requiring extensive resources or advanced IT skills. By building a comprehensive picture of health events using patient data collected outside of clinical trials, you can make better decisions regarding R&D, innovation, marketing, and other business strategies. 

Our real-world data services allow you to:

        • Access patient data collected outside of clinical trials, such as electronic medical records and insurance claims, to provide insights into drug safety, effectiveness, and utilization
        • Receive analyses of large datasets that identify trends, patterns, and patient care gaps  
        • Optimize R&D, marketing, and other product launch efforts

Learn more about Real-World Data or request a demo.

Healthcare Data Management

Healthcare data managers often face challenges analyzing vast amounts of constantly evolving data from various internal and external sources. However, our company’s unique blend of healthcare data knowledge and technical expertise allows us to integrate and analyze disparate data sets, making them valuable and functional. Using advanced database software development capabilities, specialized data tools, and Google Cloud Databases, we expertly manage databases as large as 100+ billion records, putting you in control of your data. In addition, with our data cleansing, data architecture, database, and reporting solutions, you can conduct systematic and conclusive analysis of your data, enabling you to make informed decisions for your business. 

Our healthcare data management services provide you with the tools necessary to:

        • Leverage your healthcare data
        • Unlock new insights
        • Drive profits and organizational growth

Learn more about healthcare data management.

Pharmaceutical Success Stories

We have a proven track record of helping pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations achieve their product and brand promotion goals. Explore the case study and discover the practical and effective growth-driving data solutions.

Case study: Life science company

This case study highlights our expertise in leveraging advanced healthcare data analytics to enhance decision-making and drive growth. With our solutions, our client was able to identify customer-valuable targets and scale its sales force for the highest ROI. Read the full case study.

Why Choose Us

Partner with us to experience the benefits of working with a veteran healthcare-oriented team committed to your success.


Extensive pharmaceutical industry expertise

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience serving the pharmaceutical and life sciences markets, making us uniquely qualified to provide strategic product and brand launch promotion analyses that drive your company’s profitability and success.

ROI-based solutions

We offer time- and cost-efficient solutions that help you maximize your brand or product launch promotion investments and grow your bottom line. With our ROI-focused healthcare analytics team on your side, you’ll receive precise guidance on achieving measurable results.

White-glove service

Our highly responsive, hands-on team operates with exceptional care and attention. We provide an engaging experience with frequent communication and tailored advice, avoiding preset answers. Instead, we craft custom data-driven solutions that meet your unique needs and goals.

Ready to elevate your pharmaceutical product or brand launch promotions and take greater control over your data? Contact our team to schedule an introductory meeting.

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