Client Success: Penn Warner Club


The Penn Warner Club has been an integral part of the Bucks County, PA, community since the 1930s. Serving first as a hunting and fishing center, it evolved into a recreational boating, campground, and fishing retreat offering various outdoor recreation activities for members in a natural environment. 

Over time, their membership management and point-of-sale systems became unreliable and difficult to use because of an outdated design with minimal support.

Ultimately, the Penn Warner Club had trouble keeping up with its day-to-day workload because of system errors, slow transaction speed, and difficulty maintaining membership records.



The Penn Warner Club had a non-functioning, outdated, and difficult-to-maintain membership management and point-of-sale system, costing both time and money and causing many errors. Their goal was to implement a new streamlined, touchscreen-ready interface to replace their legacy app, speed up transactions, keep their records organized and easy to maintain, and allow for on-the-fly, user-based updates to system lists and price points.


Using our team’s combined years of development experience and business insight, we:

  • Successfully migrated all existing data into a new MSSQL Server database structure, tackling some data cleanup issues along the way
  • Implemented an admin management interface so the client can maintain system and parameter updates themselves
  • Designed a more modern and significantly improved system 
  • Provided ongoing technical support by our easily accessible team


Member Management, calculator and computer

With a newly designed membership management and point-of-sale application, the Penn Warner Club can now easily navigate and maintain member records. In addition, they have reduced membership card inputs from 172 hours to 42 hours, made leases 95% more efficient, and saved 88 hours monthly in invoicing time. Overall, their productivity increased 85% because of the systems implemented by Noetyx. 


Client Feedback

“Working with Noetyx, we found them to be Customer Focused, Available and Innovative. Before Noetyx, working with our old program was like dealing with a disaster and crisis every minute of the day. With the superior leadership of Noetyx, we now operate like a well-oiled machine. Their ability to resolve and understand our needs is supported by their knowledge to implement and write a complete program above and beyond our expectations.”

— Ginger McAllister, Operations Manager 



After this project, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to assessing and understanding pain points to design a successful replacement system. We’ve also concluded that the confidence and clear communication of our leadership and implementation teams transferred directly to our client’s confidence in the final product.

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