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As problem-solvers first and software product engineers second, we specialize in user experience design and need-based solutions covering a wide array of leading-edge technologies and methodologies. We dive deeper to understand your business needs and requirements so that we can transform them into realistic, achievable solutions.


Headquartered in the US, we operate nationally and internationally, proudly serving non-IT-driven companies and organizations with advanced IT capabilities. Through decades of experience, our team has helped countless organizations in their digital transformation, from startups to businesses with a global footprint.

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Our Technology and Development Services

Custom Software

We use an agile software development methodology and a problem-first approach to fix unsupported legacy problems and solve business challenges too complex for off-the-shelf commercial software while actively guiding your experience at every step. Our highly collaborative process allows us to uncover deep business insights, so we can identify, develop, and support a dynamic framework tailored to your company’s evolving needs.

  • Custom web, desktop, mobile, and cloud software solutions
  • Expert legacy software support and maintenance
  • A vast multi-vertical portfolio spanning startups to multinational companies
  • Ongoing support services resolve minor enhancements, bugs, and fixes

Visit the Custom Software Development page to learn more.

Database Development

We skillfully design, implement, maintain and tune databases on all major platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySql, and cloud data warehouses such as Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift. As your trusted partner, we architect new databases from the ground up and offer expert advice on existing systems, giving you a full spectrum of database tools to streamline your operations.

  • Adept in small-scale to exceedingly large databases with billions of records and terabytes
  • Full spectrum of implementation expertise, including planning, hosting decisions, schema creation, migration, stored procedures, job creation, and vendor management
  • Comprehensive database maintenance offerings, including backup, index rebuilding, and compacting

Visit the Database Development page to learn more. 

API Development

Our API development services build robust and secure APIs to satisfy your business, compliance, and market standards. We leverage tech stacks to address your company’s unique challenges using cross-platform application development in PHP, Microsoft .NET, Java, Apache Tomcat, and similar frameworks.

  • Agile and scrum development approach boosts adaptability, speed, and flexibility
  • Dedicated team support
  • DevOps capabilities with enhanced scalability and performance
  • Response time and load capacity performance metrics

Visit the API Development page to learn more.


We are a leading automation partner for small- and medium-sized businesses with advanced process mining and robotics process automation (RPA) capabilities. We deliver game-changing insights into your process bottlenecks and growth opportunities to improve your business and customer experience. And by automating frequent, repetitive, and data-intensive tasks, our RPA implementations help you improve quality compliance more efficiently.

  • Optimize your day-to-day operations
  • Enhance stakeholder and user experience
  • Improve core business operations and overall efficiency

Go to the automation page to learn more about our small-business RPA capabilities.

Data Integration​

Our data integration services use leading data integration methods such as Rest API, JSON, and XML to tie disparate data sets together to generate a useful, clean dataset you can use to enhance your business. Seamless knowledge transfer between systems allows faster connections between data stores, better team collaboration, and enhanced efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

Our long history with ELT (extract –> load –> transform), and ETL (extract –> transform –> load) processes makes it easy to integrate existing disparate data sets and to seamlessly transfer data from legacy systems to new expertly designed Noetyx systems.

We’re also experts in

  • Creating high-quality data sets
  • Managing business processes more closely
  • Making smarter, data-informed business decisions

Check out our Data Integration page for more information. 

Why Choose Us



We have over 100 years of combined experience. Our management team has worked together for over 20 years overseeing highly skilled development engineers, interface architects, project managers, quality assurance specialists, trainers, technical support staff, and integration experts.


Collaborative approach

We use agile and scrum software development methodologies centered on team collaboration and accountability. These allow us to make iterative and incremental progress toward your goal for better and faster results.


Business-minded solutions

Our professional understanding extends beyond software development and coding. As a business-minded team, we seek to understand your company’s challenges so that we can design and implement efficiency- and return-based solutions to help you get ahead.


Ongoing Support

We provide responsive end-user support and adoption training to support the application inside your organization, including help desk, technical support, training documentation development, and in-person or online live training.


USA-based teams

We use agile and scrum software development methodologies centered on team collaboration and accountability. These allow us to make iterative and incremental progress toward your goal for better and faster results. Our project management team is based in the United States with capabilities for USA-based and offshore teams.


Partner with us

If you’re looking for a software development company invested in your success, partner with us. We’ll deploy our highly collaborative approach and skilled team to design and implement the best solutions for your business challenges. Schedule an initial consultation to get started.

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