Transforming a Problem into a Solution.

Don't Let an Outdated Legacy System Slow Down your Operation

We are problem solvers and technical specialists dedicated to helping business owners streamline their systems for efficient business practices. Don’t let an outdated legacy system slow down your operation.

Software Development Project with Noetyx

  Full Comprehensive Analysis

Our team completes a deep dive into your existing legacy project to determine the pitfalls of your current system and a plan for efficient and ongoing success.

  Custom Software Development

Our custom software development solutions provide ongoing success of your system, optimizes workflows, and boosts revenue.

  System Integration

Creating a well-oiled software development system is not enough for us, our software engineers integrate your existing systems into the new process overcoming challenges related to existing system architecture. 

When is it time for a project takeover?​

  • Your existing system is broken or data cannot be accessed hindering you from completing tasks in business operations or improvements
  • Your technical team has hit a wall and is missing skills or capacity to best achieve your desired results.
  •  Your code is old or subpar and you need a technical specialist to create a seamless update without crashing your current system
  • You have exhausted all tactics in your wheelhouse and are still not getting the most of your system
Frustrated man because his project is taking too long

Technologies We Use

Git, Eclipse, Docker, Chef, Celery, Ruby, Visual Studio, C#, Python, Perl, Xcode, Swift, Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft WPF, C/C++, Knime, ASP.NET MVC

HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript (JS), Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX, Node.js, Xamarin, Angular, React

PHP, ASP.NET, Microsoft .NET, Open Source, Java, Apache Tomcat

MySQL, Mongo, DBORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, Google Biq Query, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Apache Hadoop

Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure


Windows, Android, IOS, Linux

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